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I’d love a house on the sea

My friend Florence thinks that living on the sea is the best way of living. And I agree.
Beauty, in my opinion, is always next to the sea.

Yesterday I have been to a northern sea coast during a travelling for my company. I dined out at a nice restaurant with two my male friends. I was so happy with them.

Anybody of you live next to the sea? I’d like to get your pics. Please email me: michellevittoria2014(at)

Beauty and love on the island

My friend Ann is now in one island in the Caribbean Sea.

What a beautiful upskirt I would be able to wear if I were there…
On the contrary, Michelle Vittoria is here. Sitting on my armchair, I am planning
my next work.

But I’ve got the chance to make you happy with my dreams. And this is more important that spending a week on an island.

Is a black dress elegant?

Someone thinks that black dresses are elegant but too much serious.

I don’t agree. A black dress can be very niceand let me show what you need to be happy.

I believe that beauty and beautiful legs can change your day. Your life can be better looking at Michelle Vittoria‘s beautiful dress. Can’t it?

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